Laser Therapy & Rehabilitation

What is laser therapy and how can it help your pet?

At Blue Sky Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer routine and post-operative therapy for your beloved pet.

Our four-legged companions are no different than us; they can pull muscles, injure joints, and have chronic conditions that stem from injuries.

We use a therapeutic laser, as a quick, non-invasive method, for treating conditions ranging from orthopedic to skin to abdominal disorders.

The therapy laser is effective in treating arthritic joints and allowing your pet to return to normal function and enjoy daily life with minimal medications required. In most patients, we can reach a maintenance schedule which requires treatment once a month.

The use of the therapy laser post-operatively can be beneficial in numerous ways. It can reduce inflammation, reduce edema and increase the healing time of both the surgical repair and the incision site.

The therapy laser can treat open and infected wounds by killing the bacteria, reducing the inflammation and decreasing the healing time. Oral antibiotics will still be a necessity, but the need for a general anesthetic may not be.

As for rehabilitation, our focus at Blue Sky Animal Hospital is on helping you with your pet’s rehabilitation following extensive orthopedic surgeries.

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