Updated Practice Procedures

Sept 15/2022

  • Masks are mandatory
    • when transferring your pet to the staff member and it requires you to be less than 6ft (2m) apart
    • when interacting with the staff at the pick-up window
  • We are currently allowing one client in with their pet(s).
    • clients must wear a mask when entering the clinic.
    • masks will be provided if the client does not have one.
  • DO NOT LEAVE the parking lot during your appointment unless you have signed the consent paperwork to
    have your pet admitted to the hospital and/or are prepared to pay a boarding fee
  • Please bring a phone to your appointment
    • call (705) 472-1570 when you arrive to let the staff know you are there
  • Contactless payment is preferred.
    • we can take credit cards or VISA debit over the phone
    • we now have interac “tap” contactless payment
    • e-transfer is no longer available

We appreciate all of our client’s cooperation through these difficult times