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Stem Cell Therapy


Blue Sky Animal Hospital offers stem cell therapy for dogs and cats as an alternate treatment option to traditional medication and surgical intervention. At Blue Sky Animal Hospital we use the MediVet system which allows us to  harvest, process and re-inject stem cells all in the same day. Below are some Frequently asked questions by pet owners on Stem Cell Therapy, taken from the MediVet website.


What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are powerful healing cells in your body that can become other types of cells.  There are many adult stem cells in fat tissue, however they are asleep.  MediVet's stem cell therapy allows your vet to isolate stem cells from an animal's own fat tissue, wake them up, and re-inject them directly into damaged areas.  For example, in the case of arthritis, stem cells become new cartilage cells, thus reducing pain and increasing mobility. 


What is so great about Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells treat the source of the problem by becoming new tissue to replace damaged tissue.  Other treatments, such as NSAIDs, merely attempt to reduce symptoms.  The treatment is very low risk, because it uses the animal's own stem cells. 


Is Stem Cell Therapy safe?

Yes, this procedure is very safe.  The biggest risk is using anesthetic, to remove the fat tissue.  On a typical dog, this is easier than a spay, and the fat is collected in about 15 minutes by your vet.  Processing the sample is done carefully by a highly trained MediVet representative (or by a lab tech carefully trained by that representative).  In the thousands of animals treated, we have not observed any negative side-effects from MediVet's stem cell therapy. 


What conditions are treated stem cell therapy?

Our typical patient has osteoarthritis (hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, calcifications, common degeneration and inflammation), soft tissue injuries (cruciate injuries, tears, ruptures, inflammation), or needs accelerated healing of fractures.  We know a lot about these conditions, and over 95% of these patients get better, with MediVet's Stem Cell Therapy.


How long does a treatment last? What happens if my pet starts to have problems again?

We typically see about 1-3 years of relief after the initial treatment.  Most pet owners chose to bank cells, so re-treatment is easy.  MediVet has a banking facility in Kentucky.  If symptoms return, your vet merely requests a dose of cells from the bank, and injects them.  No surgery is necessary. 


For more information on stem cell therapy and how we might be able to help your pet please call Blue Sky Animal Hospital at 705-472-1570 to set up an appointment with Dr. Porter, DVM.


Photo's of Dr. Porter's dog "Finn" having his Stem Cell Therapy Treatment